martes, junio 21


Just go ahead, let your hair down. Don't be afraid, chase your dreams don't just follow them, chase them. Play a song, a happy one; don't be ashamed, give it all; break it on the dance floor, fall in love, no regrets, cry, remember, forget what it has to be forgotten, don't look back, hold him/her in your arms, live like there's no tomorrow, enjoy, live, tell him you love him, there's nothing to lose actually, don't think, act!

And now, I should start following my own advices :)

lunes, junio 20


Show me how to play...

domingo, junio 19


The worst thing about letting someone go, is to know that the other person has already done it.


My heart breaks at the thought of you holding her

miércoles, junio 15


Cuz in your eyes I like to stare...

martes, junio 14


I miss the way I felt when I was with you
I really do... I really miss you

Catch the moment

....This life is short.
Kiss, Feel, Dance, Sing, Enjoy...
With no regrets :)

lunes, junio 13


And if I could have just one wish, I'd had you by my side

domingo, junio 12


Light a way on my love, show me the way back to him :)


Really good things happen in a blink of an eye ;)

viernes, junio 10



Dear anybody,

Sorry, but I'm not good at this.

I'm not a good sutdent

I'm not a good daughter

I'm not a good lover

I know... I could be better at it.

I'm not good at forgetting (I have good memory for things that I'd like to forget, to erase from my mind)

I'm not good at trying my best. I'm such a lazy girl :)

I'm not good at saying "I'm sorry" (I always say it though)

I'm not a good liar

I'm not good at saying goodbye (Hate it, actually)

I'm not good at anything. (So sorry for that)

It's too late for you to come and try to change me.

I know I'm so bad at everything, but sorry. It's how I AM.

jueves, junio 9

“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever" W.P

miércoles, junio 8


Swinging in the rain... humbling melodies. We're not going anywhere until we freeze.