viernes, agosto 26


Todos tenemos un ángel, un guardián que nos protege, no sabemos que forma adoptará: un día un anciano, al siguiente una niña, pero las apariencias engañan; pueden ser tan fieros como cualquier dragón. Aun así no están aquí para librar nuestras batallas, sino para susurrarnos que es cosa nuestra, que cada uno de nosotros tiene el poder sobre los mundos que crea.
Podemos negar la existencia de nuestros ángeles, convencernos de que no pueden ser reales, pero aparecen de todas formas en los sitios más extraños y en los momentos más extraños. Pueden hablarnos a través de cualquier personaje que podamos imaginarnos. Nos gritarán a través de demonios, si es necesario. Retándonos, desafiándonos a luchar.
Y finalmente, esta pregunta, el misterio: ¿De quién es esta historia?, ¿quién baja el telón?, ¿quién elige nuestros pasos en el baile?, ¿quién nos vuelve locos, nos da latigazos y nos corona con la victoria cuando logramos lo imposible?, ¿quién hace todas estas cosas? ¿quién honra a quienes queremos con la vida que vivimos? ¿quién envía monstruos para que nos maten, y al mismo tiempo, nos susurra que jamás moriremos?, ¿quién nos enseña qué es real y cómo reírnos de las mentiras?, ¿quién decide por qué vivimos y qué defenderemos con nuestra propia vida? ¿quién nos encadena? y ¿quién tiene la llave que puede hacernos libres?
Eres tú. Tienes todas las armas que necesitas.
Ahora, lucha.


Ten fe y verás que un día tu vida cambia de color. Por mucho que ahora el  sufra alama, si no pierdes la calma, podrás encontrar el amor. :)

jueves, agosto 25


Why do you want her? Even though she treats you like nothing, you give her you heart and, I think she lost her mind.... And then you come to me and cry on my shoulder because she has broken you heart again. And I have to shallow all the words I wanna say like, for example, that I love you! can't you see it!? But I can't tell you that because you don't feel nothing on me.
It kills  me to see you hurt and it kills me more to see how you love her so much.
If you'd only let me try, I wouldn't never let you down. I promise to give my best until there's nothing left to lose.
Can you let me try?

miércoles, agosto 3


Have you ever been in the situation when the one you love doesn't stop talking about that girl and asking you to talk with her to see if she likes him and so on... and you see that boy sad because of that girl, that must have lost his mind because she can't see the light on him and that kills you?  I am. 

Dear boy,
I love you. Definately. We are very good friends and, at first, I thought that I was confusing friendship with something else but now I know what it is. It's love. I can't stop thinkin' about you. We have so much in common and it kills me to see you hurt by that girl that doesn't diserve your pain. And it  kills me even more the fact that I can't do anything until you realize that I can be the girl that makes you smile (I actually do. You know that I always am and I'll always be there to make you happy) that can take you out of this mess. The thing is that you don't see it. 
Until then, your my friend and I'm more than happy with that.

lunes, agosto 1


Now is too late for you and your white horse for you to come around

miércoles, julio 27

When you end up in that point of your life when you're feeling so low, so dissapointed and embarrased because you dissapointed your parents. sorry. I'm not perfect :(

viernes, julio 8

If only I could be the lesson that you learnt... If only I could be the last one that love burns...


You know you’ve got the greatest friends when the only time they make you cry is when you’re laughing too hard.

jueves, julio 7


The touch of your hands, an honest embrace...


"I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry." leann rymes


With my, myself and time... I know this will pass, that this will be just another memory to keep, I know I will laugh about this in the future, we'll probably laugh together as two sincere friends that, once upon a time, shared more than words...

miércoles, julio 6


I am tired... Tired of  waiting for you, tired of forgiving you, tired of being nice to you, tired of you being rude to me, tired of your mood changes; they're creeping me out!Tired of trying to forget you, tired of defending you; justifying you, tired of lieing to myself, tired of you...
So sorry, I knew it would come a day when I will be tired of you. I warned you not to be late, but you've decided to take so much time to decide. During this time you've been treating me like nothing, like you have never felt anything for me, like i was nothing for you. You knew you had me in the palm of your hand, I was melted. You knew it and you didn't even think that those words could hurt me, and that those words you didn't say, the silence you kept so many times, could hurt me even more...
This day has come. This is goodbye, at last.

>>Here's my friendship if you want it but love, no thank you John<<
 (Christina Rosetti- no thank you John)

lunes, julio 4


martes, junio 21


Just go ahead, let your hair down. Don't be afraid, chase your dreams don't just follow them, chase them. Play a song, a happy one; don't be ashamed, give it all; break it on the dance floor, fall in love, no regrets, cry, remember, forget what it has to be forgotten, don't look back, hold him/her in your arms, live like there's no tomorrow, enjoy, live, tell him you love him, there's nothing to lose actually, don't think, act!

And now, I should start following my own advices :)

lunes, junio 20


Show me how to play...

domingo, junio 19


The worst thing about letting someone go, is to know that the other person has already done it.


My heart breaks at the thought of you holding her

miércoles, junio 15


Cuz in your eyes I like to stare...

martes, junio 14


I miss the way I felt when I was with you
I really do... I really miss you

Catch the moment

....This life is short.
Kiss, Feel, Dance, Sing, Enjoy...
With no regrets :)

lunes, junio 13


And if I could have just one wish, I'd had you by my side

domingo, junio 12


Light a way on my love, show me the way back to him :)


Really good things happen in a blink of an eye ;)

viernes, junio 10



Dear anybody,

Sorry, but I'm not good at this.

I'm not a good sutdent

I'm not a good daughter

I'm not a good lover

I know... I could be better at it.

I'm not good at forgetting (I have good memory for things that I'd like to forget, to erase from my mind)

I'm not good at trying my best. I'm such a lazy girl :)

I'm not good at saying "I'm sorry" (I always say it though)

I'm not a good liar

I'm not good at saying goodbye (Hate it, actually)

I'm not good at anything. (So sorry for that)

It's too late for you to come and try to change me.

I know I'm so bad at everything, but sorry. It's how I AM.

jueves, junio 9

“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever" W.P

miércoles, junio 8


Swinging in the rain... humbling melodies. We're not going anywhere until we freeze.

viernes, mayo 27


No matter what you do… you blow me up

domingo, mayo 22

Tú :)

Porque eres genial...!!

Por estar ahi...!!

Por todo................................
Te quiero!


sábado, mayo 21


A FEW WORDS............





Why did you say I love you when it wasn't true?
Why did you play with my emotions?
Why was I so fool to believe you?
Why do I justify what you did wrong to me?
Why can't get mad at you?
Why do I love you? (I always did)
Why can't I forget you? get you out of my mind...
Why seein' you cuts me in like a knive?
Why? I know you don't deserve my time.
I know you don't deserve me.
I hope, someday, you realize that I did love you. And maybe that day is too late. Until then, I'll wait for you. But please, don't take too much time.

martes, enero 11

So what?

So what?
I like to dance
So what? I like to sing
I like to love and be loved
I like when the sunshine caresses my face
I like sunny days
I like to wear different clothes
I like to say what I think
I like to fall in love, to fall in hate
I like to write
I like to shout
I like to fight for what I really want
I like to be me, to be truth
I like me
I like you